I am a PhD student at Ircam-STMS lab in the {Sound, Music, Movement} Interaction (ISMM) team under the supervision of Frédéric Bevilacqua and Benjamin Matuszeswski.

My work focuses on the design and development of distributed interactive music systems and their application in artistic contexts. Such systems can be described as a network of interactive devices (computers, smartphones, nano-computers...) and software exchanging data and producing sound. This creates potential for many collaborative and collective interaction in contexts of musical performances, sound installations, music production, etc...

As artistic creation is a fundamentally open task in which use cases cannot be fully anticipated at design time, my design approach is thoroughly user-centered and oriented towards user-appropration. Moreover, the design of such systems and tools should take into account the following points :
  • It should leverage the potential offered by computer networks in terms of communication and exchange of information.
  • It should be well-integrated into the existing artistic workflow of their users and should adapt to their idiosyncrasies.
  • it should support an heterogeneity of devices (computers, smartphones, nano-computers, musical instruments...)
More generally, my research interests lie in musical interaction design, design at the intersection of arts and technology, human-computer interaction, networked music systems, web audio technologies, new interfaces for musical expression.

available works


an environment for composition of distributed music performance on a local network of device. It connects the bach library for Max/MSP and the soundworks framework for developping distributed multimedia application.
Koryphaîos works by sending your composition in Max/MSP to a server which then dispatches the various notes among a local network of devices (e.g. computers, mobile phones, ...). These devices then synthesize the requested sound in the browser using the WebAudio API.


a set of web interfaces for collective (local-)networked improvisation based on 2 concepts : using the microphone in the sound synthesis process, using the network to share information between users.



Member of the organising committee of the JJCAAS 2023 (Journées Jeunes Chercheur·se·s en Audition, Acoustique musicale et Signal audio)