My music is an exploration of sterility, mundanity and stillness interpreted through personal feelings and subjective experience.
My composition process is intuitive and personal. The recordings I use are of the following nature : souvenirs of lost moments, recordings of natural and urban empty spaces, microphone and object manipulation, deformed voices, non-expertly played instruments, resonances.
I previously released music under the names a lie or and Perlesvaus

Point, Line, Surface (ferns recordings, 2023)

Track 7 on Et si c'était le Vent qui avait Raison ? (ferns recordings, 2024)

as a lie or

field recordings, electroacoustic, an open window and a light breeze, a glass of water, a tunnel, whispering, acceptance, "self"-destruction

Contemplation | Abandon (Uneternal Sleep, 2021)

Track 5 on Immortalis Fieri Mori Ut (Uneternal Sleep, 2021)

as Perlesvaus

ambient, field recordings, sound collage, personal diary, dusty church, burning incense, music is a tapestry, rain, a puddle of water stagnating in a dark cave, earth | sky, annihilating time

These Things Below With Those Above (self-released, 2020)

Une si granz clartez an vint (self-released, 2019)

La Nouvelle Saison (self-released, 2019)

A Shrill Cry Towards Your Absence (self-released, 2019)

musical influences

these albums strongly shape how I make and understand music. Listen to them :)

Felicia Atkinson - The Flower and the Vessel (Shelter Press, 2019)

Vanessa Rossetto - The Actress (Erstwhile, 2022)

Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto - Everyone Needs A Plan (Erstwhile, 2018)

yyed - Two Reflections In Parallel (Abyss CDR, 2021)

yyed - stand quietly and be consumed within... (Blorpus Editions, 2022)

K. Mulhern - Silt (Entr'acte, 2019)

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet - The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008)

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet - Photographs (Erstwhile, 2013)

Staubitz and Waterhouse - Common Metals (Music Is The Worst, 2022)

Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien (Recollection GRM, 2012)

Luc Ferrari - Hétérozygote / Petite symphonie… (Recollection GRM, 2017)

Daniel Löwenbrück & Marcellvs L. - Stallgewitter (iDEAL Recordings, 2014)

Zafka - Yong◎He (Post-Concrete, 2008)

Jack Patterson - Milk Thistle (ferns recordings, 2020)

Francis Plagne & Crys Cole – Two Words (Black Truffle, 2018)

Eric La Casa, Pascal Battus & Bertrand Gauguet - Chantier 1 (Another Timbre, 2012)

Small Cruel Party - Do you Believe in a Pencil (ferns recordings (rem.), 1991/2022)

Yeast Culture - IYS (Petri Supply, 1989)

Sam Dunscombe - Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco (Black Truffle, 2021)

Shots - Can We Win (Regional Bears, 2018)

claire rousay - 17 roles (all mapped out) (Shelter Press, 2021)

Ailie Ormston/Finlay Clark - Sunflowers Face The Sun (33 33, 2020)

Eventless Plot – Phrases (self-released, 2021)

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – A Liquor of Daisies (Shelter Press, 2020)

Sarah Hughes – I love this city and its outlying lands (Mappa, 2020)

Ernst Karel – Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder, 2011)

The David Scott Cadieux Center for Field and Room Recording – Declivities (self-released, 2020)

Andy Guthrie – Blemished (Modern Concern, 2023)

Léo Hoffsaes – J'ai pour eux cet amour qui ne passe jamais, qui ne faiblit pas (enmossed, 2020)

Ezio Piermattei – From Afar It Looks Like An Oriflamme (more mars, 2021)

Beequeen – Stetson (Mort Aux Vaches, 1997)

Havadine Stone – Hyena (American Dreams, 2021)

All Ords – Sources and Methods (Index Clean, 2021)

Voice of the Wurm – Voice of the Wurm (self-released, 2O22)

Lorenzo Abattoir – (Tides of Cluster, 2020)

Haco & Toshiya Tsunoda – TramVibration (Skiti, 2013)

Francisco Meirino – An Investigation On Electricity... (Obs, 2016)

Thomas Tilly – Codex Amphibia (Glistening Examples, 2018)

Yannick Dauby – 流水 Tsi̍t Lâu Tsuí (Discrepant, 2015)

Matthieu Fuentes – Ten-Room Banquet (Penultimate Press, 2021)

Andrew Weathers – Catalogs: Sound Pieces with Text and 10 Unrealized Scores (Full Spectrum, 2021)

Cahn Ingold Prelog – Accelerate (Crow Versus Crow, 2020)

Guido Gamboa – 2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues... (Regional Bears, 2018)

Arek Gulbenkoglu – Life Choices / Portrait Of The Dutchman (Regional Bears, 2021)

Henning Christiansen – OP.176 Penthesilea (Henning Christiansen Archive, 2022)

Valerio Tricoli – Say Goodbye To The Wind (Shelter Press, 2022)

Radio Cegeste – Three Inclements (The Ocean Does Not Mean To Be Listened To) (Consumer Waste, 2014)

more eaze – yearn (Lillerne Tapes, 2021)